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The Training
Our program is a complete cardio conditioning program, strength training program, nutritional program, and recovery center. Our training is individualized and progressive. So no matter what fitness level your starting out at, we have the ability to help guide you to your goals.
Strength and Conditioning : Our strength and conditioning training program covers proper posture, proper technique and guidance into how much weight to use and how many reps to perform. With our guidance your strength training program is effective and balanced. On this program be prepared to learn. We don’t chase the sweat we train for self improvement, strength and body awareness. We begin simple teaching you the fundamentals, once your efficient enough to progress we take you to more complicated patterns and continue your growth in the program.
Myzone: Heart rate monitoring system that when used can help make sure that your putting in the right amount of effort to get the best results possible.
Vo2max: measures your bodies efficiency of using oxygen at peak levels. This tests allows us to individualize target heart rate training to your fitness level. We train you smarter, instead of pushing your body harder we make sure that each heart rate zone is given appropriate time to cause just enough stress to change the body but not so much stress that your workout makes you feel incredibly tired and fatigued.
Metabolic Testing and Nutrition
Here at Lynwood School of Strength we look at the whole picture when it comes to training. Exercise and Nutrition is what works having one without the other seriously limits your ability to get quality results.
Metabolic testing: We test how many calories your body burns in a day.
Rest is a part of training. No one gets to their goals faster by pushing themselves too hard. When rest and recovery is neglected our bodies start to break down and injury or plateaus are almost certain. In order to prevent this we put a huge emphasis on rest, prehab, and relaxation. With massage, advanced stretching techniques, and programs that encourage resting we strive to keep the body from getting over worked and under rested.